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Learning and Development Case Study


A long term client who was utilizing our HR Consulting Services, had grown to the point where they needed an internal HR team member to support their success and growth.

When they initially became a client of Humanity HR Consulting, they had 4 locations for their restaurant and within a year of being a client had added 3 more locations taking their total employee count from around 55 to just over 100.


Services initially provided included conducting investigations, supporting benefit renewal negotiations and processes, handling leave of absence administration and much more. The client was thrilled with the experience thus far with Humanity HR so they reached out for a solution on how to scale with an in house HR Representative. Humanity HR Consulting offered up a unique solution.

Rather than sourcing, recruiting and opening up the role externally, the client identified a current store manager who had the temperment to become a skilled HR Professional. The client enrolled this team member in Humanity HR Consulting’s “HR Essentials” 3 month mentor program. The manager thrived and has successfully been providing internal HR support to the client’s growing footprint for over a year.


  1. Upskilling boosts employee morale
    By providing this opportunity to upskill to an already valued team member; not only skillset, but morale was boosted for this employee and for others who now see their employer provides growth opportunities.
  2. Levels of expertise
    This service allowed the client to have varying levels of expertise. They remain a client of Humanity HR Consulting for more technical and involved HR challenges, but this allows the individual to learn and grow within the organization and provides the company with back up.
  3. Affordable solution
    Although the mentor program itself was an initial upfront cost, it was more affordable than losing the historical knowledge this employee has and was more affordable than a college degree in Human Resources. They were able to reduce their overall burden for HR Consulting needs by 75%.

At A Glance


  • Growing Quickly
  • Labor Compliance
  • Budgetary Constraints


  • HR compliance, risk mitigation
  • Reduced benefit costs
  • Additional employee training
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Affordable approach to HR solution

“The partnership that we have with Board and Brew now is a perfect blend of supporting complex initiatives and mentoring as needed. This has allowed our client to scale in an affordable and compliant manner”

Kayla Bartel

CEO, HR Humanity Consulting