Our Services

Business Development

We work with our clients to assess current commercial capabilities. With over 30 years combined experience we work to understand your business from order intake to customer fulfillment. Knowing that business is fluid we strive to analyze your current channels to forge a path for multi year growth.

Covid 19 Response

The global pandemic has brought about many challenges. At Humanity HR we work to mitigate risks with proper documentation that’s compliant with Cal OSHA and federal government regulations including the CDC. In addition we ensure that your business is adhering to the most up to date local,  state, federal requirements regarding isolation periods, contact tracing, testing require and continuation of pay when applicable. Operationally we understand business still needs to happen, and safely. We focus on remediation processes, finding unique ways to be compliant and  to keep business open while focusing on continuous improvement of your business operations.

Employee Relations

We work closely with our clients by providing a hands on approach to solving their employee relations needs. By collaborating with supervisors and managers  we become a trusted advisor to those looking to build strong relationships between all levels of employees. Working through tough conversations with your teams can be made effective and efficient with Humanity HR Consulting

Performance Management

Implementing and tracking a consistent performance management system can be an effective way to provide constructive feedback to your employees and ensure they are on the path to success.  We make the process simple by providing templates, tracking due dates, and sending reminders to your leaders

Organizational Development

Whether you need assistance realigning your corporate structure; challenging a siloed workforce; crafting your mission, vision, and values; or even looking at succession planning; we can engage in meaningful consultative discussions and facilitate collaborative team exercises to create forward momentum and change within your organization.

HR Compliance

There are a wide range of areas that employers need to stay on top of when it comes to workplace compliance.  Government regulations are always changing and can differ from state to state. We stay on top of the ever changing labor laws and employment standards that must be maintained so that our clients can focus on running their business. Our services in the areas of compliance can range from setting rules and expected guidelines for employees through the creation of an Employee Handbook to performing a complete HR audit. 

Recruitment & Staffing

At Humanity HR Consulting we understand that the most important asset in any business is its people. We partner with our clients and get to know the core values and culture so that we can ensure the right talent is recruited and retained. We follow the process from beginning to end; starting with creating job postings that outline the ideal fit for our client, reviewing resumes, scheduling and performing interviews, drafting job offers, new hire onboarding, and development of new hires and current employees.


Having professionals who understand wage and labor laws, FLSA standards, and all issues related to payroll taxes, is crucial for any business. Payroll is one of the most visible functions of a business to its employees. Mistakes can be costly and time consuming. We work with clients to make sure they are complying with all laws pertaining to employee pay. 

HR Technology

Identifying ways to be more efficient in your business practices will save you time and money. Within HR practices there are three main systems used that can do this. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Payroll Software, and Human Resource Management Systems/Human Resources Information Systems (HRMS/HRIS).  As you grow we will help you identify the best systems for you to implement in your business and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the return on investment you’ll see by utilizing these technologies. In addition, we serve as the point of contact with chosen vendors to implement these systems to make the transition seamless for your organization.

Call Center Management Consulting

Are you getting the most from your call center? Whether it’s cold calling, inside sales, customer service or collections, there are many small fixes that can add up to a healthier financial bottom line. We will evaluate your current processes then work with you and your team to bring it to the next level.

Additional Services

  • Customer Service Consulting
  • Collections Assistance
  • Sales Consulting