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Our Offerings

People First Leadership Training

The people first leadership courses and 1:1 coaching sessions are focused on helping business owners and leaders understand why the people in their organization truly are their greatest asset. It’s in helping them put practical steps in place to develop servant leadership philosophies that they can practice to see a positive cultural shift immediately. 

Mission, Vision and Core Values Workshop

Many small business leaders have a clear vision for their companies in or departments, but have a hard time communicating these effectively to their teams. Through this fun and effective 1/2 day workshop and follow up feedback sessions, department leaders will collaborate to ensure they are all working towards the same mission, are aligned with the same vision and can clearly communicate their shared values to the organization.

Human Resources Essentials

This course is perfect for individuals who are new to HR either because they recently graduated and have their first role, or because they have held a different type of position in a company and have been handed HR responsibilities. The course itself is self-paced, but structured to be completed 1 module at a time with a weekly 1:1 session to review the curriculum and ask questions live and put what the student has learned into real life context. This course goes beyond the classroom and helps new HR professionals get a grasp of how to apply what they have learned in the real world.

Performance Management Coaching

Creating a positive workplace doesn’t happen overnight. In this module, business owners and department leaders will learn about the components of fostering healthy work relationships with their team members, providing a safe space for mistakes and learning to happen and the best practices for keeping the company culture safe from toxic people.

On-Site Team Building and Leadership Development

Whether your team has internal conflict, is brand new and not as cohesive as you would like or you have new leaders who could use some guidance, Humanity HR’s on-site programs are specifically designed for your team’s unique needs. These 2-3 day workshops include an initial intake meeting to develop the program curriculum based off of the client’s specific goals and outcomes. 2-3 days of on-site training by a top executive leader in the field of leadership and human resources and all course materials and meals/snacks for participants. Prices vary based on individual company needs and number of participants.